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ZALLE Coatings Group Co., Ltd. is one of the five largest coating companies in Spain. It was founded in 1969, in GRANDA, ASTURIAS, northern Spain. The company is committed to producing high-quality architectural coatings and industrial coatings. After 50 years of solid development, the company has developed into three paint production bases in Spain and 104 stores selling paints and various building materials across Spain. The new factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters, dedicated to providing high-performance products to global customers. 

The company's main products are water-based interior and exterior wall paints, water-based wood paints, micro-cement and art paints and metallic paints, which meet the needs of different levels with higher product quality and R&D technology.

 ZALLE Group took the lead in introducing the EU UNE-EN ISO-9001 quality management system in 1996, and successfully obtained the certification, becoming the first paint company in Spain to obtain the EU UNE-EN ISO-9001 quality system certification. At the same time, the company has introduced the EU UNE-166002 technology research and development system, which has set strict standards in formula design, raw material selection, air purification process, production process, logistics transportation and waste disposal.

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Development history


Started producing paints in a small warehouse in Granda (Asturias), then founded ZALLE Paint Group, ROSL, TOR and many other Spanish paint brands.


As the business of ZALLE Group expanded, the company relocated to a new factory in San Miguel de La Barreda (Asturias).


The growth of the ZALLE Coatings Group once again required another expansion of the production plant and the company moved to a new plant in Mels (Asturias)


ZALLE's main high-end home improvement functional children's paint brand ROSL officially entered China and reached a strategic cooperation with Lian Nian.


ZALLE Coatings Group Co., Ltd. has laid out the global architectural coatings market, repositioned the ROSL and TOR brands, and opened a new stage of development worldwide.


ZALLE Coatings Group started the ROSL franchise model for the high-end market in China. Functional wall paint, water-based wood wax oil, micro-cement wall and floor integration system, art paint, etc. to meet different needs and provide customers with complete solutions.

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