ROSL SINTRA wood varnish-2.5L


Original imported from Spain

Rosl is the DIY brand of the civil paint of DECOLOR Chemical Group. It is one of the most outstanding professional paint brands in Spain and Europe.

The high punishment in foreign countries makes sure the quality of the products.


Wood grain is clearly visible

Choosing wooden furniture and floor not only because it's more environmentally friendly, the more important reason is the love of wood.



Scrub resistance, give you a clean surface

"It is easier to fade after scrubbing stains on furniture or floor with ordinary wood lacquer, but there is no such trouble after using SINTRA wood wax oil."


Odourless and eco-friendly

High quality water-based wax oil

SINTRA is people-oriented and focuses on health care



Decoration and protection of wood surfaces such as floors, furniture, doors, blinds, chairs, tables, etc.

  • windows

  • furniture

  • chairs/tables

  • floors

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construction suggestion

  • 01. Repair

    Carefully check the nails or defects on the wood and use the water-based spackling to repair,and ensure that the color of the spackling is 10%-20% deeper than the wood. After the spackling is dried, the color will look close to the wood. It can be debugged in a small area beforehand to test color.

  • 02.Polish

    According to surface condition of the wood, use sandpaper 120-320 to polish the surface until it's smooth. To avoid inhaling dust, wear a suitable protective mask when sanding to ensure your health!

  • 03.Dust removal

    Check the surface of the wood for obvious sand marks, dust, and clean all with rag, which can greatly improve the brushing effect.

  • 04.Construction

    Use a water-based brush (soft hair), dilute with water according to the appropriate amount (no more than 10%); brush along the direction of wood grain. For your health, please pay attention to ventilation during construction.

  • 05.Open brushing

    After the first coating, it can be lightly polished. After 2-4 hours, brush the second and third coats (after 24 hours of ventilation). The wood grain is clearly visible and can be touched.

  • 06.Closed brushing

    After sanding, apply the spackling one time and apply the topcoat 5 for times (available after 24 hours of ventilation).The wood grain cannot be touched.

ROSL SINTRA wood varnish-2.5L

High quality interior waterborne wood wax oil, acrylic acid-alkyd resin formula.Extraordinary hardness, applicable on floors, furniture, etc.

Product Parameters

Name:ROSL SINTRA wood varnish
Fixed vehicle:Acrylic resins
Original Country:Spain
Spreading Rate:12-16㎡/l
Coating Type:Satin, flat, gloss
Application Methods:brush/roller/spray
Dry time:Dry Time: 1 hour,Repaint time: 3 hours
Product features:

does not change the color of wood, and features excellent leveling and brushability, scratch resistance, impact resistance, scrub resistance, no odor, healthy and environmentally friendly.