Imported projection paint

Super Film 抗光高清投影幕布漆 Super Film 抗光高清投影幕布漆
  • 4K HD

  • 360° giant screen

  • light resistant

  • excellent color fidelity

  • cheap

  • Lifelong use

Make your own private cinema

Enjoy the big screen shocking and visual effects at home

Why more than 10,000 families choose Rosl Superfilm

User praise is constantly updated and accumulated, the score is still up to 4.9

Original imported with professional screen quality report which is much more strict than S-class projection standard

professional screen quality report which

much more strict than S-class projection standard

The maximum value of the luminance coefficient becomes the screen gain

The higher the beta value of the luminance coefficient, the higher the gain.

The high-gain screen makes the brightness of the picture more concentrated and the imaging effect is better.


Reflect light color

Contrast refers to the degree of contrast between bright and dark of the picture. Increase the contrast, the bright parts of the picture will be brighter, the dark areas will be darker, and the contrast between light and dark will be enhanced.

  • Before increasing contrast

  • After increasing contrast

  • Before increasing contrast

  • After increasing contrast

Projection resolution (sharpness) is also called sharpness

The pixelation contained in the same size area represents a pair, and the larger the pair, the better the clarity of the corresponding picture.

The more the pairs, the higher the pixelation of the corresponding product, the better the product clarity.


Rosl Superfilm the actual super film paint

The size of the screen can be changed, so does the screen shape

High brightness, low fog

The screen brightness is consistent, no solar effect

Silver optical coating for lifelong use

4K HD and 360° shaped screen

Light resistant, high contrast

Hard screen, scrub resistant

Good color reproduction, show vivid images

Superior contrast

4K HD and 360° shaped screen

4K HD picture quality, more details of the movie to show, and the picture is more realistic, as if immersive

4K HD projection, enjoy cinematic shock effects at home


Excellent resistance to ambient light and high contrast

Contrast is important for image sharpness, and high contrast is vital for displaying image layers for super-sensory color experiences.


Hard screen, not deformed, scrub resistant

The Superfilm paint is wear-resistant and scrub resistant.

Stains and dust can be wiped directly with a wet rag


Excellent color reproduction, with HD screen which is comparable to XS

Excellent color reproduction technology, focusing on the true performance of color with soft light and clear image during day time.


Screen brightness is consistent, no solar effect

The reflect of the screen is consistent and does not produce a solar effect. It solves the problems of bright in the middle and dark at the corners, saturation of the high-brightness part, and lacking of layering.

360° without missing corner


screen size can be changed as desired, the screen surface can be flat or bendable.

You can decide the screen size as you like, enjoy the film without size limitation. Bendable and unlimited shape gives you more choices to make your own private cinema.

Screen that does not take up any space

This is the wall that only changes into the screen when there's a projector


Large scope of application with multiple usage

Can provide professional solutions for the large media industry. And it can be used for schools, churches, conference centers, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, bars, arenas, large venues, museums, amusement parks, stages, etc.

Lifelong use, easy to maintain

Imported projection paint, silver optical coating, lifelong use.


Projection paint

·Low price, good effect, unlimited size

Gain-emitting screen has excellent contrast and image depth compared to the cloth screen, and owns unlimited size.

·high hardness, not be deformed, not change color

Superfilm paint screen does not deform, does not deteriorate, does not fade, and has a long service life.

·Do not take up any space

Projection paint does not take up space, it's just on the wall

·Durable for lifelong

No damage to the screen, lifetime use

·Scrub resistant, can be wiped with a rag

Strong scrub resistance, dirt can be wiped off directly with a wet rag

·Damage can be repaired with low cost

The projection paint is durable and hard to be damaged, even if the screen is damaged, it can be directly repaired and the cost is low.

·You can paint whatever shape you want

Can be used for round, curved, irregular and other shaped projection surfaces with large area.

Traditional Projection screen

·expensive with fixed size

All rolled up screen will change its structural surface area and reduce its performance level, and the size is fixed

·Easy to be deformed and damaged

The traditional cloth screen is very easy to be destoryed: various deformations, mechanical damage, fading under sunlight, tearing of the fabric

·take up large space, complicated and unsightly

The traditional cloth screen requires a drilled installation. If it is a motorized screen, there will be wires and plugs

·Poor effect

Frequently stretching and long-time usage of the traditional screen will cause wrinkles, deformation of the screen and distorting of the image.

·Unable to maintain

dust and dirt on the surface

·Difficult to repair the damage

The traditional cloth screen can't be repaired or the repair cost is too high when it is damaged or has color fading which will cause the screen to be unable to show high bright images.

·only square-shaped screen

Due to the limitations of the site, many places are not bendable, and we can't make the screen into curved or irregula shape.

Imported projection paint

This gray matt paint can eliminate spots, and it's water-based paint with high coverage, good reflective performance, high resolution, and the image is naturally clear. It is not noticeable on the white wall. If it is no longer needed.