DELUXE eco-friendly interior children paint

德路西DELUXE 环保内墙儿童漆

100% acrylic formula

  • What are the advantages of pure acrylic formula:

    The weather resistance of acrylic paint is better than other paints, and its anti-corrosion performance is also very good, excellent chemical resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, etc. Its decoration effect is very good, and its coating is very plump, smooth and bright, friction-resistant, and easy to remove when there are stains on the surface, its colors are diverse and beautiful.

Low VOC, Eco-friendly

Low VOC, Eco-friendly water-based paint, with low odor, low VOC, healthy and eco-friendly.

趋零VOC 水性环保

excellent coverage

Excellent stain coverage, can effectively block all stains, including water stains, tannin seepage, oil smoke stains, etc.; at the same time, it can also cover the original stubborn stains on the substrate with one brush, no need to demolish and rebuild.

Chemical Resistant Products

Ordinary paint film will react with chemicals, thereby causing corrosion damage to the paint film; ROSL MONT PLUS children's paint shows a good resistance to chemicals after professional testing and is protected from corrosion.

A variety of color options

The color of the original barrel paint is white, but it is a tintable paint, and Liannian provides color tinting services, which creates colorful homes according to customer preferences.


Fast drying

dry time: 30-60 minutes repaint time: 4-6 hours


Applicable substrate

Gypsum, cement, lime, wood, iron, steel, powdered gypsum

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DELUXE eco-friendly interior children paint

DELUXE, a superior quality interior children eco-friendly latex paint,

Product Parameters

Spreading Rate:8-12㎡/L
Shelf life:4 years in closed original container
Original Country:Spain
Application Methods:brush/roller/spray

Apply between 5 °C and 35 °C.