Original imported BASSO primer 4L

BASSO 巴索底漆

Bad topcoats are harmful to the human body and even seriously affect the health of the next generation.

  • dizziness, headache, lethargy, weakness, chest distress, etc.

  • High formaldehyde content: dermatitis Infant deformity, cancer, etc

  • chest distress, edema, respiratory irritation, etc.

  • Poor quality: wall cracking powder Chemical, peeling, pan alkali, etc

5 reasons to choose Rosl

Rosl,make family a safe and peaceful place

  • 01

    Low VOC,safe and peaceful place

    In the formulation and production process of this product, the content of harmful substances is strictly controlled. Green and health is the primary goal to make the living environment a pure and clear place, away from harmful substances, and the family can rest in safe and peaceful place.

  • 02

    Good adhesion and stability

    Good adhesion to porous carrier, good penetration into the porous substrate to achieve uniform absorption of the substrate

  • 03

    Waterproof and weather resistant,long-lasting protection

    When you apply BENITO to the exterior wall, BASSO's strong weather and sunlight resistance will surprise you, which can effectively protect your beloved house.

  • 04

    Strong alkali resistance

    Resist the alkaline corrosion of the ground material, avoid the problem of wall fading, air bubbles, etc.

  • 04

    Save Paint

    When you paint, if the wall absorb too quickly, it will cause large consumption of paint, which will increase the cost of wall painting.

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Original imported BASSO primer 4L

BASSO primer An acrylic primer with fine particles, which can well penetrate into the interior of porous substrates, such as gypsum, cement, concrete, etc. Strong applicability, common for interior and exterior walls