How does the decoration create an environment-friendly environment for children? How about Langshi Children's Paint?

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Home decoration is not easy. If there are children in the family, more things should be paid attention to. For example, the damage of some harmful gases, our common problem is formaldehyde. There are many hazards of formaldehyde. General paint is very easy to cause pollution of home decoration, that is, harmful gases, such as formaldehyde and benzene, are killers of children's health. Children are at a critical stage of development, their immune system is not yet mature, they are more vulnerable and sensitive than adults, and their ability to resist the external environment is relatively weak. Toxic home decoration paint will cause invisible harm to children.

Children's paint is an environment-friendly and healthy paint specially developed for children. The VOC (volatile organic compounds) content in general children's paint is extremely low, and it is resistant to repeated scrubbing. The bamboo charcoal contained in the paint can also absorb and decompose some harmful substances such as formaldehyde. The substandard products are tested by referring to the general national standard "Limit of Harmful Substances in Interior Decoration Materials and Interior Wall Coatings" revised in 2008, and there is no specific standard for the environmental protection coefficient of children's paint.

Because children are in the period of physical development and sleep more than 12 hours a day, the environmental protection of children's rooms and activities is the primary concern, and parents must take environmental protection as the primary indicator when selecting paint. There are many environmentally friendly paint brands. For example, Langshi Mont PULS children's paint of Langshi brand has always had high requirements in environmental protection, zero VOC, zero formaldehyde, and has the role of reducing the formaldehyde content in indoor air. Parents can learn more about it when choosing.

Children always like graffiti everywhere, touching and touching, so the paint of wall paint should choose products that are easy to clean and will not fall off, so as not to endanger health. Therefore, when choosing paint, you must remember not to be greedy for small things, but to select a brand with good quality and reputation, and ensure that there is no odor. For example, the raw material is an environmental protection product, Langsimont PLUS children's paint is an original Spanish imported Langsimont environmental protection children's paint that is super suitable for children. With the domestic children's room test report, it fully conforms to the children's room standard, and the home decoration can be used with confidence.

Of course, childhood is not only an important period of intellectual development, but also the germination stage of artistic ability. Children like to feel the magic and fun of the outside world through painting. The form of expression is graffiti. Usually, parents can't stop or have the heart to stop, but they also worry about the beauty of the wall, so the graffiti resistance of the paint is also a major feature of children's paint. The handwriting on the wall can be wiped clean without leaving traces, stains and any damage to the paint film. In this regard, Langsimont PULS children's paint has achieved 20000 times of scrub resistance tests, and the paint film has not been damaged. The home decoration does not need to worry about children's graffiti, which can not be wiped off, and children can also write and doodle at will. It is hoped that every family will put children's health and family environmental protection in the first place when decorating, and create a safe environment for children's growth.

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