How to decorate the bathroom and prevent mildew on the wall?

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An indispensable step in home decoration is the decoration of the bathroom. The bathroom is indispensable in our life, because we use the bathroom every day, so the decoration of the bathroom is imperative. With the improvement of our living standard, the decoration of the bathroom is becoming more and more exquisite. Today, Master Tianlang will show you how to decorate the bathroom.

The first step is to confirm the area of the bathroom. Since we want to decorate the bathroom, we must know the size of the bathroom. The size of the bathroom determines how we decorate it, how we decorate it, and what materials we use for bathroom decoration. Therefore, we must first measure the area of the bathroom before decoration. We must have a general idea in mind, which is also convenient for us to purchase decoration materials.

The second step is the decoration of the bathroom floor. The general floor of the bathroom now is paved with ceramic tiles, which is no longer the cement floor in the past, because ceramic tiles are more beautiful, beautiful, and do not soak water, and are more suitable for the bathroom. When we choose ceramic tiles, we usually choose pure white tiles, and of course, we can add the lines we like. In terms of tile laying, first of all, before decorating the bathroom floor, you must conduct a waterproof test to check whether the floor leaks, and then carry out tile decoration.

The third step is the decoration of the bathroom cabinet or washstand. Generally, the bathroom cabinet and washstand can be integrated into one. If the bathroom area is large enough, they can also be separated. The bathroom cabinet is used to put some toilet tools, such as face towels, makeup tools for girls, and the washstand is where we use to wash and gargle every day. Therefore, the washstand can be set at the entrance of the bathroom. A shelf can be installed next to it, and a mirror can be installed above it for use.

The fourth step is the decoration of the bathroom wall. The wall of the bathroom can be said to be the most important part of the bathroom decoration. First of all, the wall of the bathroom must be painted with bathroom paint during home decoration. Because the wall of the bathroom will become damp and moldy after a long time of use, the color will peel off, and the paint on the ceiling will bulge and peel with moisture, breeding moss. Therefore, when purchasing bathroom paint, generally choose a paint with good moisture-proof and mildew resistant performance. Like the Langshi bathroom wall paint, it has good waterproof and mildew resistant performance. Langshi bathroom paint can prevent algae breeding and anti-corrosion, It has good moisture resistance and can be cleaned 15 days after use.

Step 5: Decorate the top of the bathroom. Of course, the top of the bathroom should also be waterproof, because most of the water vapor will eventually adhere to the ceiling when taking a bath. Waterproof paint is also very important for the top. Of course, Langshi bathroom paint with good waterproof performance is highly recommended for the top decoration of the bathroom. As long as the top of the bathroom is waterproof enough, no matter how much water vapor there is, don't worry about it.

The sixth step is the decoration of the bathtub. The installation of the bathtub mainly depends on the size of everyone's bathroom. If the bathroom is large enough, Mr. Lang suggests that everyone install a larger bathtub, because the bathtub is a good place to rest. When you are off duty or tired, taking a hot bath is a good way to relieve fatigue. There are still many people whose bathrooms are not big enough, and they should not force the bathtub to be installed. Whether it can be installed depends on the situation.

Finally, I would like to introduce Langshi bathroom paint mentioned below again. There are many brands with good waterproof performance, Langshi is one of them. However, Langshi has more than this feature. We all know that the safety and environmental protection of paint is also a major focus. Poor indoor air will lead to skin allergy. If the harmful substances in the paint exceed the standard, it may even threaten life. Langshi bathroom paint is a water-based environmental friendly low VOC water-based paint, which is environmentally friendly and does not add any harmful substances. Langshi only uses data to talk about this. Langshi bathroom paint has passed the inspection of the National Construction Engineering Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the inspection report shows that no VOC and formaldehyde in Langshi bathroom paint have been detected. Let users feel at ease. At the same time, Langshi bathroom paint also passed the test and scrubbing test, and has the scrub resistance of 200000 times. Secondly, Langshi bathroom paint is applicable to a wide range of substrates, including gypsum, cement, lime, wood, iron, steel and ceramic tiles. In addition to good scrub resistance, Langshi bathroom paint also has excellent high hiding power and adhesion, making painting easier. Of course, there are many small parts in the bathroom. Whether to add them depends on your wishes. I hope that the above suggestions provided by Langshi can help friends in home decoration.

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