What standards should environmental children's paint have?

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Children are the treasure of parents. How to provide them with a better living and learning environment has always been a "headache" for many parents. Especially in the decoration, when they buy a new house, the whole family can live together happily, but what will be brought to their families if they use unqualified paint? Especially for children who have low resistance, this "mistake" is very serious. The harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the paint always endanger their health. What kind of children's paint is really reliable environmental paint?

Environmentally friendly children's paint must be free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is the "killer" of children. If the formaldehyde content of the newly decorated house exceeds the standard, it may cause children leukemia and other serious health hazards, and even lead to death. It is conceivable how serious the formaldehyde hazard is. In recent years, many people have realized the great harm of formaldehyde, and the state has also issued many strict standards for formaldehyde, but there are always some criminals on the market selling coatings with excessive formaldehyde. Such merchants are often cheap, but they do not have various production certificates and test certificates. They only rely on the price to attract the public, so we must not be greedy for cheap. To buy children's paint, we should look for big brands like Langshi Paint and Xuanwei Paint, so that the safety can be higher.

Good children's paint cannot be measured only by whether it contains formaldehyde. In addition to environmental protection, children's paint also needs to have multiple functions. In addition to mold and water resistance, children's paint also needs to have strong scrub resistance. Why is this requirement? Children are lively in nature and like to graffiti on the wall. Research shows that children's graffiti is conducive to intellectual development and character development. Therefore, European and American brands like Langshi Paint have already developed children's paint with high scrub resistance, such as Langshi Monte PLUS children's paint. In addition to containing no harmful substances, the scrub resistance of this product can reach more than 20000 times while that of ordinary paint is only about 5000 times. There is a big gap between the two. Also, stain resistance is a standard that children's paint needs to consider. If children paint on the wall with insufficient stain resistance, the wall of children's room will become very ugly.

Children's paint also needs high adhesion, hiding power and color diversity. Children often rub against the wall. If the adhesion is too poor, the skin will fall off easily. The diversified colors are designed to meet the children's interest needs. The colorful children's paint can paint the walls into natural scenes such as starry sky, forest, sea, etc. The children's room decorated in this way is more interesting for children, which is conducive to their growth and cognition. Langsimont PLUS children's paint, with thousands of color combinations, can fully satisfy children's curiosity about color, which is an advantage that other brands do not have.

When it comes to environmental protection, health and good performance of children's paint, we have to promote Monte PLUS children's paint. Langshi Paint itself is a European and American brand, and its quality is sufficiently guaranteed. Langshi Monte PLUS Children's Paint is also an exclusive children's paint created by Langshi Paint, and its quality can be imagined. Langsimont PLUS children's paint does have many advantages, such as environmental protection, health, color diversity, wide scope of application, fast drying, and so on. The environmental protection certification of Lonschmont PLUS children's paint is very complete. In addition to the Chinese environmental label (ten ring certification), which is strictly tested in China, Lonschmont PLUS children's paint also has the world's representative "French A+" certification. If you are interested in Langshi Children's Lacquer, you are welcome to consult online stores or physical stores for years.

If you want to give children a healthy and interesting children's room, it is very important to choose a suitable children's paint. The paint may be used for decades once the wall is painted. Once you make a wrong choice, children may be harmed by harmful substances before they grow up. The selected children's paint should first look at environmental protection, and then look at other functions. Only children's paint with both environmental protection and performance can protect innocent and lovely children.

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