Sharing bathroom decoration skills, making bath a pleasure

time:2019-11-21 read:1720

The bathroom decoration is not simple. Generally, the bathroom design is airtight, which meets the requirements of most people. However, this kind of airtight space makes our decoration process have certain limitations. If you want to design a reasonable and comfortable bathroom, you must need some decoration design skills. Today, Langshi brings you some very practical decoration skills.

First of all, the bathroom decoration must do a good job of light transmission and protection of doors and windows. When decorating the bathroom, doors and windows should be installed with strong security and confidentiality. At the same time, the lighting and ventilation effects of doors and windows should not be ignored. If you need to install shower curtains or curtains, it is better to choose thick or opaque shower curtains or curtains.

The second is the selection of the size of the bath appliances. If the bathroom has a small area, when selecting the bath appliances, it is better to measure the location of the bath appliances and the size, and purchase according to the size, to avoid the consequences that the size does not match after purchase, which will lead to the bath appliances can not be put.

There is also the choice of floor tiles. The bathroom must have water. If the anti-skid effect of the floor tiles is not good, it is easy to slide to the bathroom. Therefore, the floor tile materials should be selected with good anti-skid function to prevent slipping to injury, or they should be padded with anti-skid pads.

Of course, the choice of bathroom paint is also essential. The best choice is to paint the bathroom paint for the bathroom wall, so which is better? We hope that you can check the environmental inspection report and the production date when purchasing, and select the products with the latest production date. Second, choose the coating with good environmental protection performance. Bathroom paint must be low VOC, water-based environmental protection and free of harmful substances. Among many paint brands, the environmental protection of Langshi products has always been the primary requirement. Langshi bathroom balcony wall paint has zero VOC, low odor water-based environmental protection and no addition, which can protect your health and your family's health.

The problems of the bathroom wall also bring inconvenience to our life, such as damp and mildew on the wall, and color peeling; The paint on the ceiling swells and peels with damp, breeding moss; Indoor air difference; Causes skin allergy, etc. Langshi bathroom balcony wall paint has solutions for the above problems. Langshi bathroom paint has good waterproof performance, which can prevent algae growth. The paint can be attached to ceramic tiles, with excellent adhesion, and will never peel; Of course, the ultra-low VOC feature also makes the bathroom air problem unnecessary.

Finally, there is the choice of bathroom lamps. The light source of bathroom lamps should be soft, and it is not easy to choose and buy too dazzling or colorful lamps. The installation position of lamps should also be designed. The switch should be installed at a position where it is not easy to be splashed by water or the switch protective sleeve should be installed, which is relatively safe.

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