Is wood wax really environmentally friendly? How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of wood wax oil?

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Many people do not believe in the environmental protection performance of wood wax oil. Today, Langshi will introduce the real wood wax oil in detail. Wood wax oil is the common name of vegetable oil wax paint in China, which is a kind of wood paint similar to but different from paint. Langshi Xinla wood wax oil is completely different from the current paint based on petrochemical synthetic resin. Its raw materials are mainly refined linseed oil Palm wax and other vegetable oils are blended with vegetable wax and other ingredients. Therefore, it does not contain toxic components such as benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals, and has no pungent smell. It can replace paint for home decoration and outdoor garden woodwork. Therefore, the real wood wax oil is environmentally friendly and can be safely used.

The wood wax oil has many effects. The wood wax oil can penetrate into the wood and deeply moisturize and maintain the wood; Wax can be closely combined with wood fiber to enhance surface hardness, waterproof and antifouling, so it can provide the best beautification and protection for wood. Langshi Xinla wax oil has always been a high-quality product based on green belief. It is a kind of high hardness water-based environment-friendly wax oil. For many years, Langshi has always taken the development of environment-friendly products as the primary goal. Xinla wax oil has a domestic children's room test report, fully conforms to the children's room standard, has French A+certification, and is healthy and environmentally friendly. It is truly considerate of the health of every family. For the wood wax oil industry, in recent years, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people began to pursue solid wood furniture, and wood wax oil also began to be popular in China. But no one can guarantee that all the wood wax oil on the market can meet the environmental protection standards. In order to seize the market, some manufacturers use some inferior means to sell cheap wood oil as wax oil, or even add some chemical materials to deceive customers. It is precisely because of these problems that the credibility of wood wax oil is reduced.

The wood wax oil industry is an emerging industry in recent years. Its environmental protection naturally makes many people like it, but there are really too many wood wax oil brands in the market. Sometimes we really don't know how to make the most appropriate choice. Facing how to choose, Lang Shi will provide you with some suggestions.

First of all, we can find out some details from the packaging. Wood wax oil can be used inside and outside the room in a large way. The subdivision has transparency and coverage. Regular manufacturers will mark these details on the packaging to avoid mistakes in the purchase process. You can pay more attention to these details when purchasing wax oil. In addition, from the introduction of the salesperson, it can also be identified that the wood wax oil sold is true or false. The distribution personnel of the regular manufacturer are strictly trained on the whole, and their words are professional, which can easily and thoroughly solve the customer's problems. Finally, when we look at the sample, we can also identify the quality of wood wax oil. First, we will smell a smell of oil, which is harmless, mainly because it has no smell after drying. The film of Langshi Xinla wood wax oil is very thin, while the wood wax oil has almost no oil smell when it is liquid, and there is no smell after the film is formed (dry).

In addition, many people choose wood wax oil because it has a great advantage. It can be bought by themselves. It does not require any professional skills. Generally, it can be painted once or twice. In addition, the furniture surface does not need to be primed in advance. It only needs to be polished with a cleaning cloth until it is smooth, clean and free of dust. When brushing, the indoor ventilation is good. If the surface is dry, it will take 4-6 hours. If it is really dry, it will take 20-24 hours; The key point is that if you want to renovate it after a long time, you should wipe the place to be renovated and then apply wood wax oil again. Langshi Xinla wood wax oil is a water-based environment-friendly wood oil for furniture and woodwork. The surface of the paint film shows an open texture effect. Different wood materials can bring different real feelings, and can be partially repaired and renovated without leaving traces. The construction is also very simple, and will not cause harm to the health of the constructors. It only needs to be painted once or twice, which is very suitable for DIY.

Now, the really excellent brand wax oil in the paint market is very environmentally friendly. We don't need to reject the whole industry because of some bad businesses. I believe you can learn how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of wax oil after carefully reading this article.

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